“The inaudible impossible soundwalk” @ UE Innovative Learning Week

The Impossible Inaudible Soundwalk led by Katerina Taliani (PhD Music, University of Edinburgh) and Akoo – o is  a collective project of the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Edinburgh College of Art that was held in Edinburgh on 15-19th February 2016 in the frame of Innovative Leaning Week Festival, University of Edinburgh.

Participants are invited to question the conceptions of silence and noise and discuss the idea of urban voids and emptiness through collaboration and the application of innovative methodologies. Drawing on sound studies, sound art and walking as research method and artistic practice, this workshop presents the theory and practice of creating a soundwalk.

akoo-o impossible.jpg

Through an intensely interdisciplinary approach the symposium explores the contribution of performative and immersive techniques and technologies and new media to the experiential understanding of the city of Edinburgh and its documentation/mapping. Performance events or performative actions can open up possibilities in the ways that architecture can involve different communities by performing together. In doing so, they explore innovative methodologies within the creative process that focus on the relation of the body and the physical space, as well as on the immaterial realms of conscious and sensory experience.

The Workshops:

1) URBAN BODY led by Marielys Burgos Meléndez
2) THE IMPOSSIBLE INAUDIBLE SOUNDWALK led by Katerina Taliani and Akoo-o
3) THE PARTHENON(S). A “BEAUTIFUL RUIN” AND AN UNFINISHED MONUMENT led by Sofia Grigoriadou and Elli Vassalou
4) PERFORMING SILENCE led by Stella Mygdali


To book for each workshop email us on urbanemptiness@gmail.com,
pm us on facebook or book via http://www.innovativelearning.ed.ac.uk/silence-narrative-and-intimacy-city

For more information visit our site



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Αkoo-o is a group of artists and researchers that use sound and mobility as vehicles of expression and social inquiry.

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