Cities and Memories: Utopia, Sound composition, the project takes one of English literature’s great works of imagination, Thomas More’s Utopia and creates something new from the collective imagination of artists around the world – an entirely new Utopia of sound.

Using a woodcut map from the second printed edition of Utopia from 1518 divided it into 30 grid squares, sound artists each took a small section of the imagined country of Utopia, and created a new soundscape imagining how that place (and the society living in it) might sound. The map was divided into columns A to E vertically, and rows 1 to 6 horizontally, making a total of 30 grid squares. Most squares have interpretations by two different artists, and the interactive map above allows you to explore the sounds of Utopia freely.

Listen to all the sounds hereakoo-o utopia.jpg


Cracks on the soundwalk, Audiowalk, designed to be heard in the city of Ghent, Belgium commission by the conference DARE – Deleuze and Artistic Research, 9-11th November 2015.

The sounds recorded in Ghent were combined and composed to an audio walk available for download by all conference participants. Each one was encouraged to contribute with sounds, soundscapes, narratives and stories recorded during their stay or their voyage towards Ghent. The soundscape composition was changing daily as new sounds were added. The result is meant to be listened to while walking in the city of Ghent, inside and outside the conference venues or while walking from one conference venue to the other.

The blog created for the walk  was constantly renewed with sounds recorded in Ghent during the International Conference on Deleuze and Artistic Research DARE 2015.

 akoo-o ghent.jpg


Analogio festival, Audiowalk, “Hope the voyage is a long one”, 26th October – 2nd November 2015.

This audiowalk was an acoustic composition inspired by the poem Ithaka of Constantine P. Kavafis. Based on the idea that the voyage itself contains more meaning that the destination, the words of the poem were reproduced completely deconstructed during the walk and the listeners were encouraged  to wander freely in the city with no destination and no “meaning”.


Invisible Cities, Audiowalk, Dwelling Stories, 23-24th October 2015, Italian Institute of Athens, organised by Maria Saridaki and Maria Vassiliou.

This audiowalk is geo-located in the garden of the Archeological Museum of Athens and includes stories, narratives and impressions  of citizens that travelled and lived in this city for a wide range of reasons. Their relationship with the specific place is built both through the original expectations and representations they had for Athens before arriving and  through their daily experiences here.

akoo-o dwelling.jpg


Resounding Cities. Part of the exhibition Welcome to Ecumenopolis, curated by METASITU in metamatic:taf, Athens 2015.


Resounding Cities was a collaborative project which seeked to explore the concept and practices of urban rituals and the ways in they are imprinted on the sensory scape of the city. The artistic result was a workshop, an audiowalk and a blog.

The workshop was enhanced by the contribution of an international network of visual artists, musicians and social scientists, that contributed with field recordings from various cities. The workshop was conducted in active correspondance and exchange between two parallel workshops in Lisbon (The Milena Principle / Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon) and in Brussels (The Milena Principle / School of Arts – RITS, Radio Department).

In order to exchange soundscapes and to actively discuss on the notion of urban rituals, we designed a blog constantly renewed with audiovisual material and an interactive, audiovisual map. Distant participants that contributed with sound and visual material were: Dzovinar Mikirditsian (Paris), Doris Hakim (Antwerp), Sinan Bokesoy (Istanbul) and Nikos Bubaris (Venice, Madrid).

Einander zuhören – Stadt-(Ge)Schichten, Goethe Institute, Athens 2014.


Listening to each other / Einander zuhören Stadt – (Ge)Schichten was a project than involved researchers, sound artists, art students and collectives of the city. Through workshops and creative collaboration we accomplished to explore the relation between residents and their sonic environment by creating a series of soundwalks. The result was an acoustic cartography about places, people and their mutual connections. The project was based on the open-source locative media platform “noTours”, created by,  that accommodates interactive and site-specific sound narratives.

The perception of space was transformed through the creation of an augmented aurality, while wandering within an aurally augmented city revealed inaudible soundscapes and  personal narratives.

The project was curated by Geert Vermeire and was accomplished with the collaboration with and Fonés collectives. It consisted of 450 recordings that resulted in ten different soundwalks, offering the walker/listener the possibility to wander through them in Athens.

Participants: Fonés Collective: Nikos Bubaris, Nina Pappa, Elpida Rikou, Giorgos Samantas. Independent artists: Zoi Arvaniti, Marios Vouros, Sofia Grigoriadou, Maria Methimaki, Dana Papachristou, Parasyri Mariza, Poka, Stefanos Souvatzoglou. University of Thessaly: Isavella-Dimitra Karouti, Antonia Lappa, Rodoula Monaki, Melina Bona


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