workshops & panels

Resounding Cities, metamatic: Taf. Photo: M. Methymaki


The Impossible Inaudible Soundwalk led by Katerina Taliani (PhD Music, University of Edinburgh) and Akoo – o was a collective project of the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Edinburgh College of Art that was held in Edinburgh on 15-19th February 2016 in the frame of Innovative Leaning Week Festival, University of Edinburgh.

Participants were invited to question the conceptions of silence and noise and discuss the idea of urban voids and emptiness through collaboration and the application of innovative methodologies. Drawing on sound studies, sound art and walking as research method and artistic practice, this workshop presented the theory and practice of creating a soundwalk.

akoo-o silence.jpg



Hybrid City Conference, Project Presentation & Workshop, presenting the theory and practice of creating an audiowalk with the use of noTours platform, created by, University of Athens.

akoo-o hybrid city.jpg


Resounding Cities; Project presentation & workshop by Zoe Arvaniti, Sofia Grigoriadou, Maria Meythymaki, Mariza Parasyri, Dana Papachristou, George Samantas, Geert Vermeire.

akoo-o resounding.jpg


Athens Science Festival 2015,  Presentation, Technopolis, Athens.

akoo-o athens science2.jpg


Soundwalking; workshop by Sofia Grigoriadou, in collaboration with Dana Papachristou, George Samantas and Andromachi Vrakatseli, Athens School of Fine Arts.


Sound circles; workshop on sound by Dana Papachristou and George Samantas, TWIXTlab, Athens.


City-Score; poster presentation by George Samantas in Metamorphoses of corporeality: Art – Body – Technology symposium, Corfu.


noTours – Walking Music; by Dana Papachrisou, George Samantas, Geert Vermeire, 3rd Conference of Acoustic Ecology, «Acoustic Ecology and Education», Athens.


Einander zuhören – Stadt-(Ge)Schichten; satellite event, ICMC/SMC conference, Athens


Listening to each other – layers of urban narratives, noTours Project, Athens; by Sofia Grigoriadou and Geert Vermeire, Transmedia Geolocated Narratives, panel coordination: Martijn de Waal, Dimitris Charitos, Juliane Theona, International Digital Storytelling Conference, Digital Storytelling in Times of Crisis, organisation: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Hellenic American Union, Athens.


Εinander zuhören: Stadt-(Ge)schichten; presentation by Geert Vermeire, in the framework of the exhibition of “Φωνές /Fonés” collective, CAMP Contemporary Art Meeting Point, Athens.

Listening to each other. G. Vermeire, G. Samantas, E. Tomas, S. Grigoriadou, D. Papachristou, I. Karouti. Photo: P. Grigoriadis

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